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2014 F16 X6 M

2014 BMW F16 X6 M
Price (used)$18,000~$42,000

On this page, you can find the 2014 BMW F16 X6 M’s specs in their most comprehensive form. You will be able to see details like the BMW X6 M’s horsepower, top speed, weight, and dimensions. The details for the particular year and model of the BMW X6 are listed below. Keep in mind that a car’s technical specifications can change depending on the year, version, generation, and extra packages it has. For our readers who are considering purchasing a BMW F16 X6 M, we have also added a 2014 BMW X6 M review to the last section of the page.

Specs Overview

Horsepower567 HP423 kW
Top Speed171 mph275 km
Towing Capacity6000 lbs2700 kg
Payload Capacity937 lbs425 kg
Weight6500 lbs2950 kg
Curb Weight4950 lbs2240 kg
Length193 in.491 cm

Fuel Consumption

It is calculated for 100 km.


GearboxZF 8HP series
No of Gearbox8
Clutch TypeTorque converter
Drive WheelsAWD
SteeringRack and pinion electric
Front SuspensionCoil springs
Rear SuspensionCoil springs
Front BrakesVentilated Disc
Rear BrakesVentilated Disc
No of Doors5
No of Seats5
Tire Size275/40 R 20


Model V8
LayoutInline 6
No of Cylinders8
EmissionsEuro VI
Rated Speed7029 RPM
Torque Power2200 RPM
CombustionDirect injection
Compression Ratio10.0
Gross Power
Net Power567 HP423 kW
Displacement268 cu in.4395 cc
Bore3.4 in.8.8 cm
Stroke3.5 in.8.9 cm
Peak Torque502 ft-lb680 N∙m
Fuel Tank Capacity22.4 gal85 L


Wheelbase115.5 in.293.3 cm
Length193.3 in.490.9 cm
Width78.3 in.198.9 cm
Height67.0 in.168.9 cm
Front Axle65.6 in.166.6 cm
Rear Axle65.6 in.166.7 cm
Turning Radius41 ft12.80 m
Ground Clearance8.4 in.21.2 cm

Acceleration 0 km/mph to …

0-80 km3.3
0-100 km4.4
0-160 km10.5
0-200 km17.3
0-50 MpH3.3
0-50 MpH7.1
0-50 MPH10.6

BMW 2014 F16 X6 M Review

The BMW X6 M has a level of performance that is surprising for an SUV. With a V8 engine, the 2014 BMW X6 M has a lot of power and torque. The M brakes, acceleration, and handling were all very good. When you add a nice look, high-tech features, and luxurious interiors to its great performance, it goes to the top.

The F16 X6 M does have some flaws. We already know that the BMW X6 has a small trunk for its class. Furthermore, it annoys those who value high costs and high fuel consumption.

BMW 2014 F16 X6 M specs, horsepower, top speed, weight, dimensions and review listed on this page.

Although we do our best to provide all the information you need, sometimes mistakes may occur. Before purchasing the BMW 2014 F16 X6 M, be sure to confirm BMW 2014 F16 X6 M specifications from an authorized BMW dealer.
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